Spicy Thai Chicken Wraps Recipe with Peanut Sauce

These spicy chicken peanut wraps are packed full of flavour and nutrients. The spicy peanut sauce is addictive and will definitely have you running back for more!


For the Spicy Peanut Sauce: – Peanut butter – Greek yogurt – Sodium soy sauce – Honey

Combine the spicy peanut sauce ingredients in a large mixing bowl and whisk until smooth. Add additional water to thin out the sauce if it’s too thick.

Season with salt and pepper to taste. Add the chicken to the bowl and toss until all chicken chunks are evenly coated with the sauce.

Place each of the wraps on a flat surface. Divide the spinach between all of the wraps, covering evenly. Next, lay out the carrot ribbons and chicken mixture in strips across the wrap.

Evenly distribute the green onions and cilantro on top of the other fillings.

Once everything is divided between the wraps, roll them up, as tightly as possible.

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