Mediterranean Chicken Kabobs

These grilled Mediterranean chicken kabobs are a healthy and flavourful source of protein that have a tasty Greek flair!


– Chicken breasts – Olive oil – Lemon juice – Garlic – Oregano

Place chicken in a large bowl or ziplock bag. Whisk together all the ingredients for the marinade until combined.

Reserve a couple tablespoons of the marinade and pour the rest over top of chicken and toss until completely coated.

Seal the bag or cover and marinate chicken in the fridge for at least 30 minutes or up to 4 hours.

Pre-heat grill to medium-high heat, making sure to lightly coat with oil to avoid sticking.

To assemble the kabobs, first add a zucchini slice, followed by a pepper slice, a few onion slices, a cherry tomato and a couple pieces of chicken.

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