Healthy Strawberry Mocktail Spritzer {Strawberry Limeade}

This easy and healthy strawberry mocktail spritzer is a gorgeous and delicious non-alcoholic beverage that’s packed with nutrients and lower in sugar than your typical summer beverage!


– Strawberries – Lime juice – Honey – Perrier water – Ice cubes

Puree one cup of strawberries with the lime juice and honey in a regular blender or mini blender.

In a large pitcher, combine the Perrier water and strawberry mixture and mix very well to incorporate all the flavours.

Add fresh basil leaves and the remaining half cup of sliced strawberries and place in fridge for at least 20 minutes to allow flavours to combine.

When ready to serve, add desired number of ice cubes to each glass.

Give the mixture another good stir. Taste and adjust sweetness if desired. Serve cold in a large glass with lime slices, if desired.

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