Halloween Fruit Tray Ideas {A Healthy Halloween Snack}

Get inspired with these creative and easy Halloween fruit tray ideas which make for super fun and healthy Halloween snacks!


For the Apple Monster Mouths – Granny smith apple – Peanut butter – Strawberries – Sunflower seeds – Candy eyeballs

Core a green apple and cut it into quarters. Rub a bit of lemon juice on the flesh of the apple to help prevent browning.

Apple Monsters

Using a small paring knife, carefully cut a mouth shape in the centre of the quarter of each apple in the shape of a cat’s eye.

Using a knife, spread some peanut butter inside the top and bottom of the mouth.

Stick a strawberry slice on the bottom of the “mouth” so that the rounded part is sticking out to resemble a tongue.

Next poke some sunflower seeds into the top of the mouth to resemble teeth.

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