Fruit Christmas Tree Centerpiece

This Fruit Christmas Tree centerpiece is such a beautiful, and easy way to display fresh fruit on your holiday table.


– Pineapple – Strawberries – Mandarin oranges – Grapes

Wash all fruit and pat dry with paper towel. Slice pineapple into 1” chunks. Slice tops off strawberries. Slice kiwi horizontally, then into thick half moons. Slice starfruit thick. Peel oranges and break into segments.

Slice the honeydew into 1.25” thick rounds. Use the star shaped cookie cutter to cut melon stars. Handle gently if your melon is very ripe. Place stars on paper towel and blot gently.

If you couldn’t find Star fruit, use a larger star shape cookie cutter to punch a star shape out of a slice of the pineapple, or use a paring knife to shape your own star.

Place craft cone onto a serving platter or large plate. I secured mine down with sticky tack.

Push toothpicks into the cone on an angle for the strawberries, and gently hook the strawberries onto the toothpicks. Repeat process with the oranges.

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