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Have you been thinking about trying baby-led feeding but have NO CLUE where to start?

Or perhaps you’re not even 100% sure what baby-led feeding even is, but you’ve heard about it from other moms and you’re curious to learn more. 

Maybe you’re wondering…

How do I get started? 

What should I even feed my baby? 

How do I know if my baby is getting the right nutrients? 

Sound familiar?

Bright food and a tablespoon measurer

I know because this was totally me.  

When it was time to start introducing solids to our baby, I knew that Baby-Led Feeding (also commonly known as Baby-Led Weaning) was a method that I wanted to try because of all of the positive things that I had heard and read from books, webinars and fellow moms. 

BUT the truth is, I had A LOT of questions and concerns about using this non-traditional feeding method and didn’t feel 100% confident getting started. 

NONE of my friends and family members had used the baby-led feeding method when introducing solids to their babies. In fact, they looked at me like I was absolutely crazy when I told them that I wanted to give my baby whole foods right from the start of our feeding adventure. 

Their response certainly didn’t boost my confidence.

 In order to gain some further guidance, I purchased several of the popular Baby-Led Weaning books out there. 

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While they provided a few ideas for recipes and some basics for getting started with a lot of other fluff, none of them addressed my biggest questions, including:

  • What is a specific list of good starter foods to offer my baby?
  • What does a balanced meal look like for my baby?
  • How many meals a day should my baby be eating based on his or her age?
  • What should I do if my baby doesn’t want to eat his vegetables?
  • What should I do if my baby throws all of his food on the floor?

I had A LOT of questions, and despite doing quite a bit of research, it was virtually impossible to come by a source that had the answers to ALL of my questions. 

That’s when I decided that if I had these questions as a Registered Dietitian, then most likely, other parents getting started would have similar questions too.

 Healthy Baby Foodie is BORN

Collage of meal ideas of recipes from Healthy Baby Foodie

And that’s exactly why I created Healthy Baby Foodie – to provide a comprehensive guide for baby-led feeding that includes numerous tips for getting started, in addition to over 30 healthy balanced meal ideas and recipes. This guide provides answers to the common questions that parents have when getting started, like those mentioned above, and also offers solutions to many of the concerns surrounding this feeding method…without all of the fluff. 

This book will INSPIRE you with proven and successful meal ideas and recipes, CONQUER any fears or worries you might have about getting started, and EMPOWER you with confidence to feed your baby the necessary foods and nutrients to grow up to be a healthy and adventurous eater!

Benefits of Healthy Baby Foodie:

As you work through this book, you will gain:

List of benefits to the book including knowledge, advice, recommendations, balanced, and easy

The best part is, all meal ideas, recipes & feeding strategies have been 100% baby-tested and Registered Dietitian-approved!


Ready to feel empowered, confident and inspired to raise a healthy little food lover?

All for the low price of just $29.99 $17.99!

What readers have to say…

I just got done reading ‘Healthy Baby Foodie’ and I wanted to start by saying thank you! I have been so stressed lately worrying about what to feed my 11 month old. I feel like I always feed the same stuff and while I know what is healthy I think my brain just couldn’t think of anymore combinations or ways to use food. This book is beautifully composed, easy to read and has actual examples and recipes that inspired me to do better in the kitchen for my little guy. I also enjoyed how this book shows you how to put together meal ideas rather than just giving a recipe. It was nice to see how you would pair things up to make a complete meal.  

Nici Brooks @ Sassy, Smart & Simple

Author Bio

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Elysia is a Registered Dietitian and creator of the lifestyle blog Haute & Healthy Living. She has an undergraduate degree in Applied Human Nutrition and a Masters in Applied Nutrition and has been a practicing as a Registered Dietitian for the past nine years.

She is also the mother of Leo and Max, who are the inspiration and number one taste testers for 'Healthy Baby Foodie.' Elysia loves to use her passion for nutrition, and recipe development to share advice, ideas, and encouragement to help moms feed their families fun, healthy and delicious meals. Her work has been featured in Southern Living Magazine, Country Living Magazine, Greatist, Parade Magazine, and Buzz Feed, among other popular sites, and she has also made several media appearances to share her healthy living recommendations and tips.





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